Copperleaf at Broadway Tech Centre

Vancouver, BC • 10,300 square feet

From our friends at Turner Construction Company an inside look into Copperleaf Technologies Inc.‘s HQ at 2920 Virtual Way in Vancouver, BC. 

“In high tech, your team is everything,” says Judi Hess, CEO of Copperleaf, which designs decision analytics software for hydro, gas and water companies like BC Hydro, ONE Gas, Inc. in Oklahoma and Anglian Water in the U.K. “People are everything. That’s your value.”  Copperleaf’s Office reflects these values, as they engaged their entire office to help plan and design their space in Broadway Tech Centre.

Written by Turner Construction


The Copperleaf fit-out completed at Broadway Tech Centre was a fast-paced project with unique millwork feature elements.  The office design features copper and raw industrial materials like plywood and metal piping that reflect the industries that Copperleaf works with.  The renovation included interior partitions and glazing, HVAC modifications, modern finishes with industrial-style accents and a communications and power system able to service a rapidly growing tech staff. The most prominent feature millwork components in the space included “the Portal” and “the Pit”. The Portal is a millwork wrapped corridor and canopy with feature pendants, accent lighting and visual display surfaces. The Pit is a communal gathering area comprised of angular millwork benching sunken into the building’s raised access floor, providing a unique space for employees to interact. Turner succeeded in delivering this project for Copperleaf on time and to a high quality of workmanship despite the difficulties posed by inconsistencies in the existing raised access floor, challenging building logistics and a lengthy building permit delay.

Project Partners

Construction: Turner Construction

Interior Design: SSDG Interiors

Photography:  Christina Faminoff

Completion: 2017

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