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First Movers Toronto – 8 Notable Office Leases in Q3 2021

In the first installment of our quarterly update on notable office leasing activity in Toronto, we’ve highlighted the First Movers over the past quarter – companies who made a commitment to move, sublease, expand their footprint or renew their leases. The downtown Toronto and GTA office markets remain relatively soft due to the effects of […]

An Interview with Jason Fried: The Man Who Wrote the Book on Remote Work

Basecamp’s Jason Fried in a Special Interview with Matt Carlson, about the evolution of remote work and where Jason sees it heading. Long before Covid and the words “work from home” entered our collective lexicon, Jason Fried was an expert on the subject of remote work. Having co-founded legendary software company Basecamp, Jason and his […]

Canadian Unicorns and the Future of Work: an Interview with Ada

Part 2 of our interview series with Canadian Unicorns about the future of work: Matt Carlson catches up with Ada’s Chelsea MacDonald to see how the busy tech enterprise is charting its course for a post-pandemic workplace. Canadian chat bot company Ada is no stranger to innovation. Pioneers in the AI space, Ada helps companies […]

Salesforce bought Slack last week. What will happen to Slack’s global offices?

In late-2020 Salesforce made headlines by announcing they would acquire Slack for nearly $28 billion USD; last week they completed their acquisition. While the tech community awaits news about the integration of the businesses, the real estate community is eager to see what will happen with Slack’s global offices. An unintentional success story A homegrown […]

What’s your Zoom Fatigue Score?

While most companies are planning their return to office in late-2021 and early-2022, employees are expecting to continue their cadence of video calls whether they’re working from home or from the office. To get prepared, we’ve written a follow up to our post Zoom Fatigue is Real, to find out how fatigued people really are […]

How is Big Tech is Handling Hybrid Work?

Earlier this week, the Washington Post covered how Big Tech will be reopening their offices. Interestingly, many of these companies offered products to support remote well before the pandemic – however “not all of these companies are sold on a remote future.” While every company’s return to work/office plan is a bit different, many are […]

Zoom Fatigue is Real: Stanford Identifies 4 Causes

Over the past year in COVID-lockdown we’ve spent more time on zoom and video calls than ever before. Stanford researchers have identified 4 primary reasons we feel burned out after hours of video calls, and some quick fixes.

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